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Frequently-asked questions about Solar Tan Thru swimwear

We have collected questions and answers to many of the most common questions about our product.  If you have a suggestion about a topic that should appear on this page, please send it .

How does the Tan Thru suit work?

Solar's unique patented fabric is made by using a special knitting technology which creates thousands of tiny pores in the fabric. These pores act as a shade cloth, and filter approximately half the sun's light. This filtering process is comparable to a SPF between 5 and 10 depending on skin type, time of day, and UV index.

Is it possible to sunburn through the suit?

It would take a rather prolonged exposure on a mid-summer day to get a sunburn. The key to adding a little color to your life is moderation. Overexposure to the sun will not help you achieve a tan any faster and of course is not recommended.

Are your swimsuits lined?

Yes. The men's and women's front panel on bottoms are lined in nylon. However, the remainder of the suit is not lined in order to allow the UV rays to penetrate through the fabric.

Why aren't your suits offered in solid colors?

We only use solid colors in our Tan Thru styles as accent splices as the fabric must be printed in order not to be see-through.

Is the Solar Tan Thru suit see-through?

NO!  The Solar Tan Thru Suit is guaranteed not to be see-through when worn wet or dry. This remarkable feature is achieved with Solar's unique prints which create a high contrast of colors. Such contrast tricks the eyesight creating an optical inability for the human eye to see past any print when the suit is worn.

What kind of fabric are the suits made from?

The fabric content consists of 68% nylon and 32% Spandex®. No chemicals or other treatments are applied to the fabric to induce tanning. Garment care is the same as with a traditional swimsuit.

Can the suits be worn in a tanning bed?

Absolutely!  The SPF levels of the suit will tend to be lower due to UV rays coming from multiple light sources (tanning lamps) rather thanfrom a single source (the sun) as it does during outdoor tanning. SPF levels will therefore range from 2 to 6 depending on the type of tanning bed used.

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Our patented Tan Thru fabric lets the sun's tanning rays pass through!

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