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How to get a perfect, all-over tan with your new Tan Thru swimsuit

Patented Tan Thru swimwear from Solar makes getting an all-over tan easier and more convenient than ever before - you can tan all over, anywhere!

However, there are certain steps that need to be followed to allow the suit to perform as designed, and allow you to achieve the perfect all-over tan.. .

In order to minimize tanning variations and fully eliminate tan lines, we've put together the following list of guidelines to use when working on your tan in your new Solar suit.

Five things to remember when working on your tan:

1. You CAN burn through the suit - use appropriate sun protection!   Always use sunscreen on previously unexposed skin areas to avoid sunburn.

2. The suit must fit properly to allow tanning rays to pass thru.  The suit should be sheer to the skin, not baggy or loose-fitting.

3. To compensate for the slight SPF factor of the suit, use SPF 6-10 or higher sunscreen on uncovered skin.  If you don't, uncovered skin will always be slightly darker due to receiving more UV rays.

4. Move straps and seams slightly while tanning to further reduce lines.   Straps and seams allow less UV to penetrate.  Adjust them occasionally to insure an even, unbroken tan.

5. Don't think it's working?   Place a Band-Aid(TM) on an area of skin covered by the suit.  After a few hours in the sun, remove it and compare the covered area to the skin around it.  If you've followed the guidelines above, you'll see the difference!

Tan Thru technology
Our patented Tan Thru fabric lets the sun's tanning rays pass through!

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