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Be free from tan lines forever!

We've fashioned our line of swimwear using revolutionary, patented fabric woven with thousands of tiny pores that allow the sun to shine through. For those afraid of sunburns, the suits also provide an average of SPF 10. Tired of your normal suit taking forever to dry out? Did your favorite suit get unsightly snags? Solar® suits are GUARANTEED to never run or snag on rough surfaces, and they dry twice as quick as regular swimwear. All this, along with the bonus of superior comfort and flexibility, thanks to the 32% Spandex® micro fiber content. So now you know the science, but what good is a great suit without a great pattern? Our high contrast, exotic Italian designs, including high fashion metallic prints, create an optical illusion. This illusion guarantees the suit will NEVER be see through wet or dry if worn correctly. We take pride in our varied selection of patterns and styles for both women and men. To help you stay on top of trends, we introduce new and exciting styles and prints every year, including matching accessories.

Compare the exclusive benefits of our patented Tan Thru technology...

Micro Fiber - Combining the durability and performance of 68% Nylon micro-fiber with the versatility of 32% Spandex®, micro-fiber is extra soft, 3x finer than silk, but never see-through.  Other advantages are its lightweight feel and unique strength of construction. Skin friendly fabric (anti-bacterial)  - Once out of the water wearing a normal suit, you create an environment bacteria love. The dampness, perspiration & warmth create this. The Solar® material is highly skin friendly, with thousands of tiny pores which allow skin to "breathe".
Quick drying - Walking around in a cold, wet suit can really put a damper on your day. Regular suits stay damp for hours. Solar® suits dry 50% faster than normal suits due to the material's tiny pores, which allow moisture to evaporate. Fits long and short torsos  - It can be a hassle finding a great fitting suit. Just when you see a suit you like, you find it doesn't fit your torso. Most Solar® suits fit both long and short torsos. We use adjustable straps and 2x the Spandex of a regular suit to solve this problem.
Snag resistant - Beaches, pools, boats, water toys, and wetsuits are full of objects for you to snag your suit on. With Solar® suits, you'll never have to worry about this. Rock and rough concrete, even Velcro®, have met their match in our snag-proof micro-fiber technology. 4-way stretch  - The 32% Spandex content in our suits provides fit, function, and allows for very liberal sizing. The fabric also provides incredible form fitting comfort, allowing full range of movement without binding or constricting.

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Still skeptical?  Don't take our word for it, read what many of our satisfied customers have to say about our products!  Click here for product testimonials

Tan Thru technology
Our patented Tan Thru fabric lets the sun's tanning rays pass through!

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